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Lessons & Club Fittings

1611 Indoor Golf Club was created to help the weekend golfer to the competitive golfer. We cater to ages 5 & Up. Our services provide athletes with the environment for success. We have invested in the top of the line technology and studied instructional methods that will increase the level of success in all ranges of athletes. 1611 is ​equipping and training golfers to play better golf through improved awareness of swing cause and effects as a result of the actions by their body, the club, and their effect on the golf ball.

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Lessons & Club Fitting Prices

Trackman 30 = 30 Minutes of Instruction + 30 Minute Bay Rental 

20% Discount For All Members On All Lessons & Fittings 

Instructor Aaron Adair



KVest Certified

TrackMan Certified

Callaway Master Fitter

ACCRA Shafts Fitting Certified

Instructor Brian Wilson


Former PGA Tour Member

30+ Years of Professional Golf Experience

15+ Years of Golf Instruction

Studied Under Leading Golf Instructors

Low Round of 64 in Tour Play

1305 Ranchers Legacy Trail, Ste 100 

Fort Worth, TX. 76126 

(Off of Markum Ranch Road, S. of I-20)

(817) 349-0726