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$100 Pre-Registration

$120 Late Registration

$10 Discount for each additonal family member

August Summer Camp *$250

12th – 15th

9:00- 1:00

Camps will be split up by age and will do all 3 activites each day

This camp is a joint camp with Humble Ninja & Moblie Art Studio

Must bring your own lunch or snack

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(817) 349-0726

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What We Use

Here at 1611 we use the same technology that the touring pros use for their practice. We are certified in instruction and training and will train the junior golfer to utilize these training techniques to better their golf game.


This Dual Radar technology allows us to accurately anaylze the golf swing and prepare drills and instruction custom fitted for the golfer.


This technology allows us to train the golfer in aim, stance, ball roll, vision and ability to read the green. This is all done by projecting this information directly on the green itself.


This technology allows us to anaylze the swing in a 3 dimensional view. We use this to show the golfer the proper swing mechanics through the entire swing process.