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What a great place to dial in your clubs and see the data that the naked eye and most video can not capture. Love being able to dial in my clubs at 1611!

JJ Henry (PGA Professional)

I enjoy coming in here every week to better my game or just to have a good time with my buddies! I have been a member for over a year and it’s been one of the best decisions I have made. 

Ryder Stroud

I try to take a lesson from Coach Adair at least once a week and then come in to work on what we went over on my own. I have been able to lower my scores and hit the ball further with more accuracy! That is something I was not able to accomplish on my own or by pounding balls at the typical driving range.

Ryder Stroud

This is a must try for golfers of all levels, it’s affordable, it’s practical, it’s new, it’s enjoyable and the best value added experience in North Texas. Give 1611 a try!

Paul Brown

Who uses 1611?

Angela Stanford (17 year LPGA pro)

Kim Kaufman (10 top 10 LPGA finishes)

Cyril Bouniol (PGA China Winner)

Cheyenne Knight (LPGA Rookie)

Mitch Dobbyn (Long Ball Pro)

TCU Men & Women’s Golf

85 Current Members

6 Local High Schools

3 Private Schools